Go beyond learning the associative color, stone or essential oil for each chakra. In this series of classes, you’ll learn the psychology and energy that’s linked to each chakra, signs that chakra might be too open or blocked and how the chakras can help you manifest what you desire. 

We’ll explore the chakra system, beginning with an overview, then studying each chakra in greater depth each class. The final week will include a full practice and some energy work using stones with Amanda Lippner.

We’ll use a variety of modalities such as:

  • guided meditations
  • pranayama
  • mantras
  • mudras
  • rituals
  • yoga postures
  • and more….

Drop in for any class; sign up for all eight in the series or pick any four classes. All classes are Saturdays, 1:30-3:00p


  • 21 – Introduction to the Chakras & Root or Base (Muladhara) Chakra
  • 28 – Sacral (Svadhistana) Chakra


  • 11 – Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra
  • 19 – Heart (Anahata) Chakra
  • 25 – Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra


  • 2 – Third eye (Ajna) Chakra
  • 9 – Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra
  • 16 – Putting it all together, energy work and yoga practice

Pre-payment/registration required. If you’re choosing 4 of the 8 classes, you can note which four you want on the registration form or when you pay through PayPal.

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Questions? Contact Danette – 618-467-8827 or dmwatt33@gmail.com