Create a Sacred Space

We all need a space to call our own, a place where we can get away from the chaos of life and reconnect with our inner selves. A place to meditate, pray and reflect. It doesn’t need to be large. It could be just a corner in a room where you house some treasured items, an altar of sorts.

How do you create such a space? If you have the luxury of a room to yourself, it can be a place to meditate, practice yoga or qigong and tai chi, read inspirational materials or listen to music. Paint it a soothing color and fill it with soft pillows, your mat and some of your favorite things. Use the principles of feng shui to place objects representing the elements of wind, fire, earth and air.

If you don’t have a room, don’t despair. You can transform a nook or alcove into your sacred space. Even a bookshelf in a little-used room will work; place a meditation mat or pillow in front and use the objects on your shelf as a focus point.

Here are some tips for designing a small sacred space:

Designate your space

  • If your space is within a room, look for a place with little through traffic. If possible, hang a sheer from the ceiling or enclose the area with a panel screen. This differentiates the space and gives you some privacy.
  • Go outside. Is there a balcony or corner of the garden or patio that will work?

Make it personal

  • Cover a table with a special cloth and make it an altar to hold sacred objects. A figurine of Mary, Buddha, a rosary, mala beads…..whatever that  may mean to you.
  • Make it personal. A small table hosting pictures of loved ones, souvenirs from past trips or anything that has meaning for you.
  • Natural pieces can be very healing and connect us to the natural world. Add a plant, pretty rock or piece of driftwood to your space.

Add other sensory experiences

  • Aromatherapy can be help our moods. Consider having essential oils, incense or sage to burn available.
  • Sound can take us to a deeper state in our mediation. A tabletop fountain in your space can provide a soft, peaceful background. Or play a CD of singing bowls that tune in with your chakras.
  • Natural lighting brightens the space and your mood. If that isn’t possible, opt for a lamp with variable lighting levels so you can adjust the light to your mood and preference.
  • Fill your space with a variety of textures. Soft pillows, faux fur rug, crystals.
  • Add a journal and pen so you can reflect on your meditations or anything else you want to write about.

You created your sacred space. Now what?

Use it! Our lives are very busy and it’s easy to push time for ourselves aside as we address our daily tasks. But you created this space so take advantage of it. Even taking just 10 or 15 minutes a day can bring us enormous benefits.

When we spend time in stillness and reflection, we get to know ourselves. We discover who we are. We gain insights into our lives, where we’re going and where we’ve been.

Creating a sacred space is an investment in ourselves and can result in fresh ideas, creativity and a renewed sense of our own purpose.