Not sure how to do a yoga pose? Confused about sequencing your home practice? Looking for something to add to your company’s wellness program? These special offerings may be just what you need.

With years of teaching and continuing education hours under my belt, I bring experience, skill and knowledge to my classes and workshops. In addition to regular classes, here’s how I can help you with your yoga practice.

Yoga Review: If you’re new to yoga, you may not be sure if you’re doing a pose correctly, even if you’re following a video at home. If you’re doing a pose with poor form, you may injure yourself. With a Yoga Review, we’ll meet in person or online to go over any yoga postures you aren’t sure about. I can help with meditation or breath work questions, too.

Customized Yoga Plan: Creating a well-planned yoga sequence is a science and an art. Whether you have a strong home practice and need some new ideas or are just starting one, I can put together 30-, 60-, or 90-minute sequences for you. These can have a particular focus, such as reaching a peak pose or opening the hips, or be a general sequence that targets all areas of the body.

One-to-One Yoga or Small Group: Don’t want to learn yoga in a studio? No problem! Sometimes private lessons are best when we can focus on your specific goals and concerns. Or perhaps you want to learn with a child or spouse or a group of friends in the convenience of our own home.

Aqua Yoga: Yoga in your pool! A unique experience using water’s buoyancy to challenge and assist in the practice. Aqua yoga classes are 45 minutes and include warming up, a practice and a meditative floating savasana.

Corporate classes: Make yoga part of your company’s wellness program. When your employees are less stressed, they are more productive. Yoga can also teach your employees how to be more mindful. This can lead to less conflict in the workplace.

Contact me to discuss the special offerings listed here, or if you have any other yoga and meditation questions.

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